General Physics II: Physics 123: Summer 2024

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Homework Questions
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Problem sets
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University Physics, Vol 2 and Vol 3 by OpenStax (Free!)


Upcoming Event: Quiz 1 - 15 May 2024

Overview of this Course:
A continuation of PHY 121, introducing the fundamental concepts of physics, using calculus. Topics to be covered include electricity, magnetism, and light. This course is recommended for students who plan further study in physical sciences, mathematics, or engineering. Three hours of lecture and one and one-half hours of recitation per week.

Prerequisite(s): Grades of C or better in PHY 121 and MAT 152.
Generally also taken: PHY 116.
Credits: 4

Some tips for this course:
Learning physics is not about memorizing facts; rather it is to understand the underlying rules by which we model how the world works and be able to apply these rules to practical physical situations. 
This process requires one to study the text, attend class, and work problems (this is the most crucial piece) and ask questions about any and all confusions you may have. 
I encourage each of you to attend office/student hours several times during the semester, as it helps me get to know you, and to help you if you are stuck, and challenge you with more interesting questions if you are bored or want a challenge.

A word about the HW problems

The homework problems (links at the left of this page) all come from the 3rd edition of Knight’s Physics for Scientists and Engineers. They are available as a single compressed .zip file, or as three separate pdf files. 
The homework problems are each rated via bars ( | ) from | (easy) to ||| (hard) and at the end of each chapter are even more interesting "Challenge Problems”. 
The most crucial thing you can do this semester is to commit to working through and understanding the principles behind each problem. It is important if you are stuck to come see me so I can help you.