Physics 121: Summer 2020

Due to the covid-19 virus outbreak, this course is currently being taught online, though I am hopeful we can conduct class in person.

Course Description

The first of a two-semester sequence introducing the fundamental concepts of physics, using calculus. Topics to be covered include mechanics, waves, and simple harmonic motion.  This course is recommended for students who plan further study in physical sciences, mathematics, or engineering. It should be taken with PHY 114, Introductory Physics Laboratory I.
Prerequisite: completion of MAT 152 (highly recommended) or concurrent enrollment, or equivalent.  Cr 4.

Zoom Meetings

Once I have a final list of students, I will send zoom invites to everyone in class. 
Since you will be able to watch lectures outside of class, we can use classtime to discuss any questions you have from the lectures, and will be able to solve problems in real time with many opportunities for questions. As an enrolled student, you can access Zoom through your MyUSM portal.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

a) solve problems dealing with motion in one and two dimensions,
b) understand vector addition, subtraction, dot and cross products,
c) understand how to work with Newton’s three laws of motion,
d) solve problems involving Newton’s laws,
e) understand when energy is conserved, solve problems dealing using conservative and non-conservative forces,
f) describe air drag and terminal velocity,
g) work problems involving gravitational forces, orbital motion, 
h) describe when momentum is conserved, utilize the center of mass reference frame to solve problems, work problems dealing with elastic and inelastic collisions,
i) be able to solve rotational kinematics and dynamics problems,
j) understand when simple harmonic motion exists, solve problems dealing with SHM and resonance.