This course is at the Junior/Senior level that assumes students have taken the Classical Physics Sequence (Phy221, 223, 225) and Differential Equations. We will attempt to make it through the first 10 chapters of Hecht’s book (an ambitious goal, but worth a good go of it). 


Physics 321, 331, 333, Differential Equations, or consent of instructor


Syllabus for Spring 2019

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1       Problem Set 2     

Problem Set 3      .tex     .pdf

Problem Set 4      .tex     .pdf

Problem Set 5      .pdf 

Problem Set 6     .pdf

Problem Set 7     

Problem Set 8     Problem Set 9      

Problem Set 10

iPython Notebooks and python scripts

Reflection of Light by Arbitrary Surface

Problem Set 6 Solutions


Reference Papers and books

Human color vision and the unsaturated blue color of the daytime sky

Colors of the sky (The Physics Teacher; May 1985)

Brigham Young University Optics Text