Quantum Mechanics I

Course Meeting Times

Tue, Thu 1:15 - 2:30

Science Building Room 262


Quantum Mechanics, 3rd Ed, by

David Griffiths and Darrell Schroeter

ISBN-13: 978-1107189638

ISBN-10: 9781107189638

Finite Square Well

Lecture Notes

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Physics 341 is the first semester of a two semester quantum mechanics sequence. (The second Semester is plasnned to be taught in the Fall 2019 semester) We will study the rules which govern the behavior of of atoms, nuclei, and particles. Topics covered include wave particle duality; the Schrodinger Wave Equation and its application to a variety of quantum systems, three-dimensional and time-dependent systems, and photons.

Problem Sets 

Problem Set 1:    ps1.pdf 

Problem Set 2 :   ps2.pdf  

Problem Set 3 :   ps3.tex    ps3.pdf   

Problem Set 4 :   ps4.tex     ps4.pdf

Problem Set 5 :   ps5.tex     ps5.pdf

Problem Set 6 :   ps6.tex     ps6.pdf

Problem Set 7 :   ps7.tex     ps7.pdf

Problem Set 8 :   ps8.tex     ps8.pdf

Problem Set 9:    ps9.tex     ps9.pdf


BBC Documentary: The Secrets of Quantum Physics

Episode 1

Episode 2