Learning Assistant Projects

On this page, I’ll list some of the projects that our Learning Assistants will be working on for the fall and spring semesters of 2015/2016. 

Project 1: Tracking Pre-Post Conceptual understanding of concepts in Mechanics in a one semester university course versus a one year high school course

We have given students at USM (N = 75) and Baxter Academy (N=16) a standard 30 question exam to track the change in their 

understanding throughout the course of the semester (USM) and year (Baxter Academy). 

Sept 14 2015: Here is a histogram of the pre-test scores (one score missing from Baxter Academy which will be added soon)

More Project descriptions coming soon.

2015 Learning Assistants

Katherine Hendrick (physics)

Alexander Knight    (physics)

William Morse         (physics)

Tyler Nelson           (physics)

Emily Wall           (Elec. Eng.)