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Schoodic Mountain View

View of Mount Desert Island from Schoodic Mountain, Maine                                          April, 2013

(photo by Charlotte Clews)

Abandoned House

Abandoned House, Franklin, Maine                                          March, 2013

Frenchman Bay & Mount Desert Island

Frenchman Bay & Mount Desert Island                                          March, 2013

A few days before the March 19 Snowstorm…just when you think the mountains were safe for spike-free running---more snow is on the way.

π the Cat: March 2013

CPOTD 6Mar2013-1-2

I've been doing a just for fun CPOTD during my sabattical. It started as Cat Picture Of The Day, but as the dog gets into the act, it's really more appropos to consider it the Critter Picture Of The Day. Anyway, here's π the cat (what'd you expect? You're not REALLY surprised we have a cat named pi, right?). Pi the cat in a smug contented repose. Seriously, that's one relaxed cat. 

Unhappy Cats

Pickles (the outdoor cat) protesting the post blizzard outdoor pooping policy. Pi (the indoor cat) observing the situation and thinking about possible applications of the Prisoner's dilemma in this situation…"if I help her open the window, we can play, but she'll also eat my food…"